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A visit to Kitt’s Observatory

Located at Quinlan Mountains, after a fairly long, what seemed to be a never ending long drive from Phoenix we reached the Kitts observatory. Apparently, it is the largest and most diverse gathering of astronomical instruments in the world. It didn’t disappoint us!

A Page from Natures Book…

A short and quick wrap up of our trip to Page, Arizona, which started off with a long road trip from Las Vegas…

Lower Antelope Canyon

The upper antelope canyon tour, though rushed was a wonderful and colorful sight. We thought “What else can the lower antelope canyon offer?” Oh, we were in for a much better experience that trumped the previous tour.

Upper Antelope Canyon

The dark clouds, the occasional drizzles and weather report threatened our short trip the Upper Antelope Canyon. Fortunately, mother nature was kind to us, the clouds cleared up as we were entering the canyon. Preoccupied with the weather, we didn’t quite anticipate what was to come until we entered the canyon…

Horseshoe Bend

Half asleep, we got up early, reached the windy Horseshoe bend, where we hiked and crawled to see the amazing work of nature.