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Loire Valley is sprinkled with castles of great grandeur. Each castle is beautiful in its own unique way. Here is a list of our favorite castles in the Loire Valley

A perfect day in Auckland

Amazing coffee, vibrant city, a few getaway spots a ferry ride away… A city you wouldn’t want to miss.

Quaint Cairns and Magical Great Barrier Reef

Before traveling to Australia, I was so excited that I’d search for Google Images of the Great Barrier Reef literally every day, until I actually landed in Cairns. I couldn’t believe myself until our ferry docked in the Great Barrier Reef and we jumped into the ocean. A whimsical and out of the world experience!

Tour of Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge

“12 means 12” the tour guide said. “But we were only few minutes late.” “12 means 12” he said again. He was trying to tell us why the tour bus left us stranded in Windsor, not once, but twice! Quite a tour!

In and around Vancouver

A city unlike any other, reminds me of Seattle and San Francisco, ethnically diverse, surrounded by water and mountains, mild climate and energetic vibe with friendly people are some of things that make Vancouver an attractive city to visit!