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The Yosemite Valley, carved by glaciers, surrounded by granite domes, watered by the Merced River, sprinkled with pine trees, is a popular weekend destination among San Francisco Bay Area residents. Wonder why?


It was a nice sunny yet a bit chilly from the ocean kinda day. A day when sun didn’t seem bother much, …

Art of Travel Photography!

Typically, when we say we do “travel photography,” many think its just selfies or pictures of us posing with smiley faces or …

Search for honey…

“Stop taking so many pictures of the flowers, its hot, lets go!” my wife said as we entered the Royal Botanical Gardens …

Sydney Skyline…

Sydney offers plenty of things, amazing fireworks, delicious food, pleasant weather (during Spring and early summer) and some of the best skylines in the world.

Sunset Slaughterhouse Beach Maui Hawaii

Sunset at Mokule’ia Beach

We were flipping through Yelp! to find a beach close-by to go to in Maui, I saw Mokule’ia Beach, also known as the Slaughterhouse Beach. “That sounds wrong. Slaughterhouse Beach?!” So, that’s it, we decided to go.

Dusk at Kamaol Beach Park 2

Dusk at Kamaol Beach Park 2

A little after the wonderful sunset, we took a short walk around this beautiful beach as the dusk started to settle in bringing out some wonderful hues of orange and red.