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My sole reason to visit Los Cabos

From gorgeous beaches to upscale resorts to adventure-filled activities, Cabos is certainly one of the most sought-after places to spend the holidays. However, for me, there was just one reason I really wanted to visit Cabos San Lucas was…

The forgotten ruins of Mexico’s Ruta Puuc

A perfect day trip from Merida – At the end of the day, you are sure to be filled with awe and wonder with the Mayan history and the architectural grandeur of the cities where the Mayans lived.

Touring the Tulum Ruins in Mexican Riviera

Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans, has a lot going for it these days. Plenty of tourists for one, ruins, cenotes, amazing (and cheap) taquerias/food and amazing people. Should be a must do in everyone’s list!

Chichen Itza, here we come!

Chichen Itza, filled with rich Mayan history, a popular tourist destination, and littered with a lot of vendors, but a magical visit nevertheless.

Exploring the incredible Loltun Caves

After a rough drive, we reached the Loltun Caves, literally meaning “stone flower”. These are magnificent underground caves once covered with water millions of years ago. A walk inside the caves takes you back to 10,000 BC when people lived inside these caves for protection.