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10 Things to do in Rome!

Traveling to Rome? Wondering what (all) to do? These are some of the best things (in our opinion) to do in Rome. Be prepared to walk if you really want to enjoy Rome :).

Venezia – Day 10

During our last day in Italia, we took the water taxi to Murano to see a live glassmaking demo and saw the exquisite glass figurines. We toured the Grand Canal in the water taxi and spent the rest of the day entertaining ourselves with the pigeons in Piazza San Marco.

Venezia – Day 9

Al though I don’t agree that Venice is a romantic city, Venice is definitely beautiful with its canals and the bridges spanning across the canals. For me, the most amazing experience was the train journey into Venice and the WOW moment when I stepped out of the train station – the first thing that I saw was the Grand Canal!

Milan – Day 8

On our eighth day in Italia while traveling from Firenze to Venezia, we couldn’t resist making a pit stop at Milan to see the magnificent Milan cathedral. After spending a few hours in and around the Milan cathedral, I only wish I could have spent more time in the zippy fashion capital of the world.

Milan Cathedral Duomo di Milano

Postcards from Milan

Pictures taken in and around Piazza del Duomo or The Cathedral Square Milan, that I think are postcard worthy…

Our Escapades - Firenze Ponte Vecchio

Firenze – Day 7

After a short trip to Pisa in the morning, we returned to Firenze by noon to visit the much famed Uffizi Gallery and went to Piazza della Signoria, which hosts a replica of the David statue. It is hard to imagine that the now flamboyant and commercial Ponte Vecchio was once occupied by butchers.