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My name is Anu and I live and work in the Silicon Valley. When I got married in November 2010, my husband Karthik lived in Seattle, Washington. I had been living in California for a few years and considered moving to Seattle. However, when I visited Seattle a few times after our marriage, the 24/7 overcast weather and the rains dragged me down and I simply couldn’t consider living there. Hence, I brought my husband to the Bay Area in July 2011.

Since we got engaged, we traveled quite a bit, to St. Lucia (one of the Carribean Islands), Alaska, Las Vegas and a few places in California. I never had the inkling to document anything until our trip to Hawaii in December 2011.

View from Flattop Mountain, Alaska

When we were planning our trip to Hawaii, we had no clue which islands we wanted to visit, whether we should do island hopping, what were the good places to eat, etc. One of my colleagues, who visits Oahu, Hawaii twice a year gave me a couple of print-outs; one with a map of Oahu and another with good places to eat and things to do in Oahu. She was kind enough to share useful tips which were extremely beneficial while planning our trip.

We enjoyed Hawaii so much that, every night after we returned to the hotel, I wrote down everything that we did that day. Then the thought of writing a travel blog struck me. Since then, I have tried my best to document every place that we visit. I hope you find the blog useful while planning your trip and part of me also hopes it will inspire you to travel.

I am a food connoisseur as well (yeah, so now you know how much I envy Anthony Bourdain and others whose job is to travel), so I use every opportunity to visit different restaurants and try out different cuisines. Yelp has been super beneficial in that regards and I became an active Yelp reviewer as well. I am now documenting the restaurant reviews in this blog.

Traveling and blogging are my newly acquired hobbies. I never liked to write; but my love for travel has made me write about my travel adventures. My husband dabbles in photography and he takes thousands of pictures every time we go out. A few of his favorites are added to the blog.

Torre di Pisa

After our recent trip to Italy in May 2013, we started to like learning about the new cultures, languages and the unique experiences that they bring us. My husband has started to read more about Italy and I have developed a love for Italian and am now learning the language. Whenever I run into somebody who speaks Italian in the US, I try to communicate to them using the few Italian words that I know.

We live just once, seize every opportunity to explore the world!

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Anu & Karthik

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