Postcards from Grand Teton

Field of Gold

As we drove through Idaho Falls, we were surrounded by smooth rolling hills of various shades of green. We took a quick detour when we came upon the yellow fields of Rapeseed that seemed to be touching the horizon. The breeze was carrying the aroma of the flowers. A pleasant detour and a surprise.

Beaver in town

A small beaver family built up a small dam at Schwabachers Landing to get away from its predators. While we were waiting for the sun to set behind the Grand Tetons, a fearless beaver was out and about having dinner.

The red reflection

We braved the harsh sun, insects and large (I am not kidding) mosquitoes as we waited for couple of hours to see the sun set behind the Grand Tetons. From various view points, the Grand Teton and it’s neighboring mountains tower upon you. But as you get closer to them via Schwabachers Landing, it seems like the Tetons seem to get smaller, odd. A little after the sunset, clouds turned a fiery red, for just for couple of minutes before the blue dusk took over.

Famous Barn

TA Moulton’s Barn is one of those scrappy looking barns with the tile of the most photographed barn in the world. Photographers line up along the fence to just to photograph with the Grand Tetons providing the backdrop.

Tall Couple

We tried selfies but soon realized it only ended up covering up whatever we wanted to photograph and on top of it, I really don’t get it. So we redefined it :).


We waited for the sun to go just behind the Grand Tetons to see it play peek-a-boo.

Adam Ansel Sunset

The snake river snaked around the Grand Tetons while we had to find and peek through the tall pine trees to get a decent view. This spot, made famous by Adam Ansel whose photography was responsible for making this place a National Park.

Golden Peaks

The snake river was perfectly still, resembling a huge piece of glass, when we reached in the wee hours morning. The beaver probably sleeping and a few swallows trying to get their early morning worm flying close to the water leaving ripples along the way. The calmness surrounding, just priceless. The sun rose far behind us, but was at an angle just light up the peaks into a golden hue, only visible for a few minutes during the sunrise.

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