Postcards from Yellowstone

The Old Faithful

The Old Faithful erupts as onlookers cheer and clap at this predictable geyser. Thankfully, it is one of those geysers that doesn’t stink like a rotten egg :).

Alien Landscapes

The landscapes across Yellowstone offer bizarre colors, varied structures and amazing textures, some fuming, some with hot water flowing constantly and plenty hosting wildlife of all kinds.

The Grand Show

After waiting for about an hour in the hot sun, with the geyser teasing us every so often, the Grand Geyser, the tallest predictable in the park, put on quite a show. Along with the kids, we were “Oooh”-ing and “aaah”-ing. The geyser stopped a few minutes later, it waited for a minute and erupted again as if saying “Hey I am not done yet!”.

Paths Unknown

The microbes living in these absurd conditions help give these landscape terrific colors, while the hot water that flow, curve around and carve this amazing landscape.

Pristine Selfie

Selfie of us? Something different? Possibly unique? You got it!

Tentacled Pools

One of the most popular hot springs, is the colorful and totally active Grand Pristine Spring. The only way to really see this spring in all its color, glory and fury is if you get a birds eye view, which we weren’t unable to do. But we got a nice steam bath.

Steam bath

The Geysers, springs and pools that are overly active, spiff out so much steam (thankfully not stinky), it feels like a steam bath from a spa!

An early deer gets, food?

Early in the morning, we were driving up to see sunrise from Lake Butte in midst the woods. Unexpectedly, the woods ended and landscape just opened up, with scores of deers sprinkled across. All the heads turned towards us as we stopped. Then they went about their business, i.e., eating.

Celebrity Unknown

A buffalo, thankfully in a good mood, was grazing along the road, without any care for the world. It stopped the entire traffic, everyone clicking non-stop making this buffalo a celebrity.

Elks Elk!

These fancy-horned beasts were grazing along the hill. I was surprised to see their huge horns intact, considering they shed them around April.

Colors and Falls

After 384 (steep) steps later, there it was, the Lower falls with a rainbow hanging around it. Going down the 384 steps, that’s easy. Coming back up, now, that’s a different story!

The View

The calf pronghorn running to get milk from his mom, mom pushing him away while grazing on the field, the jolly good calf hopping around then mom, it was fun watching these two out in the wild for hours. Before heading back into the woods, the two decided to first check out the view.

Worlds beyond

In middle of the night, when we are supposed to be sleeping, is when new worlds show themselves up. In the pitch darkness, it tookour eyes a few minutes adjust. Suddenly, thousands of stars just come into view. Following the band of stars, we realized it was the milky way that we were starring at, giving us the creek in the neck. We kept starring into the sky, as we saw shooting stars whizzing by, wondering what worlds lay beyond.

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