If there is one dish I wanted to try in France, it is the escargots (land snails). After doing Google search for images of escargots and learning that they are cooked in garlic, butter and pesto (I love all these three), I just couldn’t wait to try them in France. We had no idea what we were getting into, “What would it taste like?”, “What would the texture be?” etc. But we were in for a pleasant surprise! Escargot, became one of our favorite foods we tried in France and we tried whenever we got a chance!

These are my favorite restaurants in France that serve the best escargots:

Le Bistro du Périgord

71 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, France

First time eating escargots!!!
First time eating escargots!!!

While strolling around the Notre Dame neighborhood, we came across Le Bistro du Périgord. When I noticed escargots on their menu, I walked right inside without a second thought and ordered a plate.

Within a few minutes came a plate of 6 escargots soaked in butter, garlic and pesto, with a side of bread. The owner of the restaurant noticed it was our first time and showed us how to use the various cutlery and how to take the flesh out of the shell. With apprehension, I took the first bite and, and… Yummm.. This was too good. Gulp, gulp, gulp, I finished it in no time. Since then, I never missed a chance to order escargots throughout our vacation.

Le Volet Qui Penche

3 passage de L’islet, 14400 Bayeux, France

Le Volet Qui Penche is a cute little restaurant situated just by the Bayeux Waterwheel. Be sure to make advance reservations during busy touristy season. The ambiance is inviting with wine bottles cleverly used as décor. The dishes are made fresh, so the menu changes frequently. When you see escargots on the menu, don’t miss it!

Chez Bruno

40 place Michel Debre, 37400 Amboise, France

Chez Bruno is a must try in Amboise, and one my favorite restaurants in France. Located in the pretty Amboise town on the main street by the castle, it’s not surprising why this restaurant is more crowded than the neighboring restaurants. With lovely indoor and outdoor seating, Chez Bruno is a popular choice among tourists and locals. 

We normally don’t re-visit the same restaurant the second time, because Chez Bruno was just irresistible. We dined here twice and both the times I ordered their escargots.


7 rue Viollet-le-Duc, 11000 Carcassonne, France

L’Escargot offers a fantastic French twist to tapas! L’escargot is one of the very few restaurants that is open until late night inside the La Cite. We ordered a number of tapas from their menu, including their delicious escargots. Can’t recommend enough!

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