It’s a well-known fact that Paris is a haven for chocolate lovers and food connoisseurs. Parisians are not new to the exploding chocolate scene; the chocolate fever has been sweeping through France since the 1600s.

The boutique chocolate shops in Paris are a testament to the ever-growing chocolate institution in the country and to the chocolatiers exhibiting their creative talents. It’s a sin to visit Paris and not eat the Parisian chocolates.

Naturally, we were on a quest to find the best patisseries, ice-cream shops and restaurants in Paris. Believe it or not, we spent half a day, just hopping from one patisserie to another and from one ice-cream shop to another, indulging ourselves in all the wonderful goodies. If that meant, not seeing some of the places we wanted to see, for example, climbing to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral to view panoramic views of the city, or not visiting the popular Pont Alexandre III Bridge, or not visiting the Orangerie museum, well then so be it!

We ended up stuffing ourselves with sweet goodness so much that we’ll have to work out for the next decade to burn off those calories. But I don’t regret it; they were worth every penny, I mean, every calorie.

While we were on the expedition to find the best hot chocolate in Paris, we watched a show (I’ll have what Phil is having) that raved about the hot chocolate or the Chocolate Chaud (which really means hot chocolate) in a place called Angelina (in Paris). How good can hot chocolate possibly be?!

A pitcher of rich, creamy goodness
A pitcher of rich, creamy goodness

We looked for Angelina that was close by and was open and we set out check what the hype was all about. And there we see, a long line outside. “Wait, are people waiting in line to drink Angelina’s hot chocolate?!”, I asked my husband. Apparently so!

We joined the long line and waited for our turn to go inside. All the while, I kept admiring at this beautiful entrance adorned in gold color. Gold, if not used in the right way looks tacky. Angelina for sure knew how to best use this color to bring out elegance and classiness.

White Chocolate

After about 30 min, we were escorted inside and got seated in a beautiful, large dining hall, so well-decorated that you almost feel like you are dining inside a palace. Had I known about it, I would have probably come all decked up. And here I was, with an umbrella in one hand, a jacket in the other, my hair competing with Einstein’s… Yikes…

I love you Angelina! My mouth still drools when I think about you!
I love you Angelina! My mouth still drools when I think about you!

We got seated comfortably and the waiter handed us the menu. There were many options to eat and drink, but we were only interested in hot chocolate. Angelina offers two kinds of Chocolate Chaud – the old-fashioned dark one, and a white chocolate one. We ordered both. And of course, how could we resist those drool-worthy desserts? We ended up ordering a couple of those as well.

First came the hot chocolate in a pitcher, a generous dollop of fresh whipped cream and a cup and saucer. I poured the hot chocolate inside my cup. The thick hot chocolate flowed ever so slowly into the cup, showing off it’s richness. And I took the first sip. I closed my eyes in unbelievable glory. I went into a world of absolute pleasure. Oh what happiness a hot chocolate can bring! It is by far, the most decadent hot chocolate we have ever had.

If you love caramel and praline, GET THIS!!
If you love caramel and praline, GET THIS!!

If I were to compare the old-fashioned hot chocolate and the white chocolate, I’d prefer the former, not that the latter wasn’t delish!

Then came the desserts. They were not just desserts, they were an art by themselves. By the looks of it, you know it was prepared with the best ingredients in the world with utmost craftsmanship. And that was dinner that night; a sweet happy happy galore!

A bit cinnamon-y; not my favorite (I don't like cinnamon). But my husband loved it
A bit cinnamon-y; not my favorite (I don’t like cinnamon). But my husband loved it
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