My sole reason to visit Los Cabos

From gorgeous beaches to upscale resorts to adventure-filled activities, Cabos is certainly one of the most sought-after places to spend the holidays. However, for me, there was just one reason I really wanted to visit Cabos San Lucas and that’s the El Arco – the famous natural hole in the rock formation.

The wondrous
The wondrous “El Arco”

In general, I’m amazed by natural hole in the rock formations, be it in Big Sur or the Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz or the Channel Islands or the Mendocino headlands or the Montana de Oro Park. I love them. Simply love them!

In Cabos San Lucas, there is a number ways to see the El Arco – you can rent a boat or kayak or even better, parasail over it! A boat takes you there in 5 min – too easy, so no fun. We wanted to enjoy the journey and the best way to do that is by kayaking.

It took us a good 40 minutes to kayak to the El Arco. We kayaked past the Pelican Rock (aptly named so), Neptune Finger (looks like the ocean showing a middle finger), Seals Rock (also named aptly for all those seals merrily basking on the rocks) and the Lovers Beach.

Neptune Finger
Neptune Finger
Lover's Beach
Lover’s Beach
Seal Rock
Seal Rock

A seal was jumping in and out of the water right next to our kayak. It was a unique sight to see, but at the same time I was praying it wouldn’t come join us on our kayaking trip. The pelicans on the rocks nearby and gliding over the ocean was another wondrous sight.

We kayaked, and kayaked, and kayaked until we reached the Land’s End and saw the famous El Arco. What a fabulous sight it was! The beautiful arch amidst the tall rock formations and blue-green Pacific waters – it was indeed a sight to behold.

Made it to the El Arco!
Made it to the El Arco!

On the way back to the Los Cabos Marina, we stopped on the way, jumped out of our kayaks and snorkeled to see all the colorful fish.

By the end of the tour, our hands were hurting because of the kayaking, but certainly fell accomplished and satisfied seeing the El Arco and snorkeling in the bay.

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