"That Lonely Tree" in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

 “What’s up with the Lonely Tree in Lake Wanaka? Apparently it is one of the most photographed trees in New Zealand. We MUST go there”, I told my husband while researching for things to do in New Zealand.

So we did – stopped at Wanaka while driving from Mt. Cook to Queenstown. We woke up early that morning to go see that Lonely Tree. Unfortunately, the day was cloudy and the skies opened up.

Nevertheless, we were prepared to go see that Wanaka Tree that everybody raves about. Within hardly a few seconds of walk from the parking lot – Viola! Here you go, That Wanaka Tree, That Lonely Tree that has been photographed over a gazillion times, by photographers all over the world, at every angle around the tree, at every season and at every time of day and night!

It was a cloudy day.. But still so photogenic

I had seen so many pictures of The Lonely Tree and here I was, seeing it in person!

After taking several pictures (with an umbrella over the camera to shield from the rain), we went to eat breakfast at Relishes Café. Just as we finished up our breakfast and good coffee (fell in love with coffee in New Zealand), the rains stopped and the sun began piercing through those dark clouds and coming out! Yayyyy….

Breakfast at Relishes Cafe
Fell in love with coffee in New Zealand

So we went to That Lonely Tree – again! The view was spectacular – so different from what we had seen in the morning. We had no clue about the glacier covered Southern Alps in the background; the clouds had hid that beauty from us that morning. OK, now I get it, I now understand why photographers come flocking to take pictures of That Lonely Tree. Wouldn’t you?

Yayyy… The clouds cleared up after a while
Happy Jump!
Another view of “That Lonely Tree”… Gorgeous, isn’t it?!

By the way, when in Wanaka, don’t miss out on the Cajun Chicken Pizza from Kai Whakapai. To this day, I drool when I think about that pizza!

Cajun Chicken Pizza from Wai Whakapai (must try)
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