A perfect day in Auckland

Start the day with a delicious breakfast at Dizengoff

What a fab find in Ponsonby!

This little joint was buzzing with people on a Friday morning when we came here for brekkie. We found a little table that was empty and got seated immediately. After perusing the menu, we settled on a 1/2 and 1/2, which is a breakfast plate that comes with perfectly sautéed mushrooms and scrambled eggs served on a bed of two crispy, thin toasts and a side of pesto that complemented everything else on the plate.

Our choice of drinks was cappuccino and mocha. Smooth, a tad sweet and a tad chocolatey – just the way we love it. We even ended up getting a bag of their coffee beans.

Stroll through the lively Ponsonby neighborhood

Ponsonby is one of the most hippest parts of Auckland; treat your eyes to the upmarket shops and art galleries. Take a peek at the soaring Sky Tower, which undoubtedly dominates Auckland’s skyline. If enjoying good drinks and dancing is your thing, come back again in the evening; this neighborhood comes alive and pulses with activity.

Treat your taste buds with ice-cream at Giapo

After sampling a couple of flavors, we settled on Giapo Buono and Christchurch Hazelnut. The waitress actually encouraged to sample more flavors, and believe me, that’s dangerous. It makes the decision making process even more difficult, because every flavor they carry is extraordinarily good.

Well anyway, the waitress filled the cup with two flavors and passed it on the next person for the complimentary toppings. Here’s how the toppings part worked – the ice-cream was dipped in hazelnut crunch, drizzled with some white-sauce, flambéed and topped with hazelnuts all over. Now that’s not just an ice-cream, that’s an art.

One bite of this deliciousness and I felt like I was in a different world. Indulge yourself in Giapo ice-creams and, you’ll be walking around for the next hours with a big, satisfying smile on your face.

Amble through Auckland CBD

The Auckland CBD is worth a gander. Throw away the city map. Get lost. If anything, Auckland CBD is the place where you would want to get lost. All those narrow shopping strips, boutique shops, Christmas decorations, souvenir shops, shopping malls, food courts, what better way to explore CBD than by endlessly walking and enjoying the vibe that this beautiful city emanates.

Take a ferry to Devonport, the urban seaside town

Step off the 15 minute ferry ride from the city in Devonport, a dainty seaside town. A stroll along the streets promises ample boutiques, cafes, restaurants, lovely beaches and breathtaking views of Auckland downtown and the Harbor Bridge. This cute town provides a respite from the vigor of the Auckland downtown.

If time permits, put on your walking shoes and hike to the summit of Mt. Victoria, to get 360 degree panoramic views.

End the day with a mouth-watering Malaysian dinner at Sri Pinang

We were in a mood for spicy food and Malaysian food seemed like a perfect choice. Upon arrival, we were greeted graciously and got seated immediately. We knew exactly what we wanted – roti with curry chicken for appetizers and beef rendang for entrée, and ended up ordering the same.

Beef Rendang

Within a few minutes, both the dishes were served. With the right amount of spice, both these dish hit the spot. This restaurant also seems like a popular choice for take-out meals.

Although we wanted a dessert, there was no room in the stomach for dessert. After a delicious meal, we hit the sack after a long, tiring day.

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