Our favorite restaurants in Banff, Canada

Here’s a snapshot of our favorite foodie spots in Banff and Jasper.

Communitea Café

After reading all the rave reviews on Yelp, we came to Communitea Café for breakfast. There is plenty of outdoor seating facing the beautiful Canmore downtown and a huge indoor seating as well.

I loved the vibe inside this dainty cafe shop – white walls with flamboyant decor art work and collectibles. Just the way I love it!!

Rise and Shine panini
Rise and Shine panini

We ordered a power bowl, rise and shine panini, cafe latte and coffee. The power bowl was delicious. Loved the panini and especially loved the way the cheese oozed itself out of the sandwich. My Maple cafe latte was commendable!

Power Bowl
Power Bowl
Cafe Latte
Cafe Latte

Coyotes Southwestern Grill

There was no wait time when my husband and I stopped here for lunch, so we got seated immediately. There is both indoor and outdoor seating area and since it was a hot day, we took a seat indoors by the window.

We knew exactly what we wanted to order – Bean chilli soup and Asian flank steak. The food took some time to arrive, but the wait was worth it.

The bean chilli soup was good, not extraordinary or unusually different from what I’ve had before.

The thing that stood out for us was the Asian flank steak. The meal comes with a side of corn bread with butter, grilled bread, and marinated and grilled steak on top, and a side of salad. The meal was topped with salsa and corn.

Asian Flank Steak

Bean Chilli Soup

Loved everything on that plate. The steak was very well cooked, tender and juicy. The bread was fab. Salad was great too. This dish alone wants me to dole out a 5 stars to this restaurant.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

Thanks to Yelp – We had a great dinner while staying in Canmore!

There was a wait to get seated at a table, but seating was immediately available at the bar. Since we were really hungry that night, we got seated at the bar and ordered a red sangria to start with.

For the main course, our choice was a BBQ chicken pizza and fettuccine pasta. They know their craft with respect to preparing flat bread pizzas. The crust was thin and crispy and the pizza turned out to be great. I was very impressed with the fettuccine pasta as well. Unlike the US where fettuccine pasta is usually topped with heavy cream and butter, the one here is on the lighter side with rosemary, honey and olive oil. Very tasty!

Overall, a wonderful dining experience and I highly recommend when you are in Canmore.


My husband and I stopped at Melissa’s for late lunch on a Saturday. The restaurant wasn’t crowded when we arrived, so got seated immediately. The restaurant looks small from the outside, but they have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

After perusing the menu, we ordered an omlette with asparagus and crab. I only saw wine in the drinks menu and wanted something else. They do have other cocktails, be sure to ask your waiter. I got a strawberry something and loved it.

The omlette was served with hash, side of toasts and hollandaise sauce. The waiter also placed hot sauce and ketchup on our table. We loved everything on that plate!

Service is very friendly and fast. Food is delicious. Cute ambiance. I highly recommend stopping at Melissa’s for a meal when visiting Banff.

Trailhead Cafe

On a cold, rainy day when we were hungry, we stopped here to grab coffee and a quick bite to eat. My husband got a peppermint latte – very good! We got a chicken wrap, which was good but not great.

There is limited seating inside, so during busy times it is hard to find a place to sit. When the weather is nice, take your sandwiches and walk to the bench nearby.

Rave Coffee

Ardent coffee lovers – come over to Rave Coffee!

GPS was taking us over the neighborhood and when we almost gave up the search, we saw a sign for “Rave Coffee” and drove into the parking lot.

The cute, little shop was very inviting, with a few chairs and couches. The back part of the coffee shop is where the beans are freshly roasted and you can look at the machines though the glass doors. They even sell small and large packets of coffee beans in the store.

We bought a cafe latte and loved it! So, ended up getting a large packet of coffee beans before heading out. These guys know their stuff about coffee!

Bear Street Tavern

Stopped here for an early dinner while strolling around in Banff downtown. The restaurant looks very cute and cozy from the outside. They have indoor seating, outdoor seating facing Bear Street and an outdoor patio as well. We got seated in the outdoor patio; loved it. It was just behind the busy streets. so felt peaceful and relaxed.

I liked all their menu choices and to be honest, it was hard to select what we wanted to eat that night. Finally, settled on pulled pork mac and cheese and Big Bird pizza.

Pulled pork mac n cheese
Pulled pork mac n cheese
Big Bird Pizza

It took almost 30 minutes for the food to arrive, but it was worth that wait. The pulled pork mac and cheese was fabulous – the pasta was perfectly cooked and there was just right amount of cream and cheese in the sauce.

The pizzas were perfectly cooked. Loved the crust – crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. The portion size was big enough for 2 people to have enjoyed a perfectly full meal. We had to pack up the mac & cheese to take home.

The Maple Leaf

While meandering through Banff downtown, we came across Maple Leaf and learning that they have a happy hour from 3-5pm, we decided to go inside to get a drink.

Got seated by a bar and asked the bar tender to recommend a cocktail that is on the sweeter side. He did and made a fabulous one for me!

We didn’t stay for dinner, but would love to, another time.

Whitebark Cafe

After reading rave Yelp reviews and after a Canmore localite recommended White Bark, we came here on a hot summer day to grab a cold drink. Their regular menu of hot drinks is displayed and the summer menu of cold drinks is placed next to the counter.

We got a iced mocha and took a seat outdoors. The outdoor courtyard is beautiful and you’d want to sit there during a good weather day.

The mocha was fab!! They know how to make their drinks. Highly recommend when you are in Banff.

Earls Kitchen + Bar

Earls came out as highly recommended not only by a travel magazine, but also a localite. For me, a recommendation from a localite carries more weight than one in a magazine.

I normally don’t like chains, but I had to try this one. The one in Banff has plenty of outdoor and indoor seating area and they have a floor upstairs as well. We got seated immediately and after going back and forth on a few dishes in the menu, we settled for a hot chicken wings and clam chowder.

Beware before you order those spicy wings. If you are not used to the heat, this dish will kill you. However if you are used to the spice and enjoy spicy food, then you’ll love it. We loved it!!!

The clam chowder was delicious. Our choice of drinks were watermelon pina colada (cocktail) and passion fruit non-alcoholic soda. Fab!

Wound up a lovely meal with a sticky toffee chocolate pudding. It comes with a generous portion of chocolate pudding drizzled with chocolate sauce and caramel sauce on the top. A scoop of vanilla ice cream is presented inside a crispy thin shell. This dessert was decadent and way too good.

Overall a pleasant dining experience in a neat ambiance with commendable service.

Evelyn’s Coffee Bar

On a hot day in Banff, we were searching for a good coffee place to get a cold drink. I saw Starbucks and since I hate that chain, I continued walking looking for other coffee shops. That’s when I ran into Evelyn’s.

There is plenty of seating inside the cafe and free WiFi is available to the customers. Loved the rustic and coffee centric decor and pictures.

We got a double chocolate frappuccino and enjoyed the drink. Unlike other coffee places, where the dominant ingredient in a frappe is ice cubes, Evelyn’s made the drink just right.


I’ve been to Cow’s in Whistler and when I learned that there’s a Cow’s in Banff, I couldn’t miss a chance to eat ice cream on a cold, rainy day.

There was a long line to the counter and knowing how good their ice creams are, that didn’t surprise me one bit. After sampling three flavors, we got pecans with toffee and another one (don’t remember the name) with hot fudge.

Sooooo delicious! Relished every bite of the goodness!!!

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