We Love Lake Moraine! (You will too!)

Lake Moraine is beautiful! In fact, it is so beautiful that no words in the English dictionary can do any justice to best describe its beauty.

I’ve seen pictures of this lake before visiting Banff. Oh wait, who am I kidding? I searched for Google Images of Lake Moraine every single day for at least 4 weeks before visiting Banff. I was madly excited to see Lake Moraine.

I wanted my first visit to Moraine to be perfect. So, I double and even triple checked the weather before planning the exact day to go to Moraine during our vacation in Banff and Jasper.

We wanted to start early in the morning to beat the crowd, but were so exhausted and sleep-deprived from the previous hectic days that we had a hard time getting off of the bed. Somehow we managed to wake up, munch on some breakfast and sip on much needed coffee and get ready and drive to this lake. While driving on 93 N towards Moraine, there was traffic and I was afraid Lake Moraine would be crowded and there wouldn’t be any car parking space. However, as I noticed most of the cars turn towards Lake Louise, I told myself “yay, awesome!” and drove along the serpentine narrow roads.

The main parking lot was full, so we had a park a little further away and walk towards the lake. Instead of going to the viewpoint immediately next to the parking lot, we took the short uphill trail to the Rock Pile. It was a hot day, but glad it was only a short trail up to the viewpoint. When we reached the top of the Rock Pile, there it stood, the massive body of blue water nestled among the Valley of Ten Peaks, the coniferous forests and the glaciers.

Lake Moraine

I went speechless for a few seconds. I gaped at the lake for a while before I even turned to my husband and uttered a silent “WOW!”.

We sat there, on one of the rock piles as the constant nippy breeze kept us comfortably cool. We didn’t talk much, just were awestruck and looked at it without even realizing over an hour passed by.

Kayaking and canoeing are some perfect ways to enjoy Lake Moraine. The winds picked up pace as we descended to the boating area. With the boating services stopped cause of the wind, “let’s take a short walk around the lake”, I said and we started walking, stopping every few seconds to see the stream that runs into this beautiful lake.

Don’t forget to also see the Fay Glaciers, which gives birth to the Lake Moraine, one of the most photographed locations in all of Canada. A lake so popular that it even appeared in the Canadian twenty dollar bill in the late 70s.

The wind had not slowed down in pace even after an hour. We decided to say our bye’s to the lake and promised to return another day to Lake Moraine!

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