Art of Travel Photography!

Our Escapades - Anu lighting candle Il Duomo di Firenze Florence Italy

Typically, when we say we do “travel photography,” many think its just selfies or pictures of us posing with smiley faces or doing something silly in front of an iconic building or some landscape. Yes, it’s part and parcel of travel photography, cause for one, you need them to capture the moment so you can look back years from now (and cry how young and amazing you were) and of course to show off to your friends and family.

This blog that started out as a travel guide with photographs, has evolved in the recent past. We have started photographing just about everything, irrespective of whether they end up in the blog or not. Us being goofy, typical landscapes and iconic landmarks. Sometimes, there ends up being a candid picture, that in my opinion, trumps everything else. Looks simple but evokes unwordable emotions (yes, unwordable is a word that I just invented). Now that’s, the art of travel photography!

(In the picture above) : We were wandering inside the Cathedral Il Duomo di Firenze, when Anu saw candles on a candle stand that looked like a bonsai tree. Carefully, taking a candle with just her two fingers, Anu lit a candle. Selfishly praying for us and selflessly for world-peace!

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