Search for honey…

Our Escapades - Sunflower Honeybee-2

“Stop taking so many pictures of the flowers, its hot, lets go!” my wife said as we entered the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. For me, it’s really hard to find good sunflowers in the open and on top of it, a sunflower with a bee buzzing around, that’s like a cake topped with honey!

These fast and shy (scared?) beings are really hard to photograph. They buzz around going about their bushiness and here I am complaining about them not striking a pose. Nevertheless, the garden was buzzing with tons of these bees.

“It takes a bout 1100 honeybee stings to kill a person,” someone close by was showing off his general knowledge on bee’s to his kid. I quickly counted, there was hardly a dozen. “Safe” I thought to myself before I ran in search of my real honey.

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