Sydney Skyline…

Panorama of the Sydney Harbour at Sunset

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Sydney offers plenty of things, amazing fireworks, delicious food, pleasant weather (during Spring and early summer) and some of the best skylines in the world. Going to Sydney, one of the things we wanted to do was, visit the Opera House and possibly see a play or two in there. We couldn’t get to enjoy a play (there is always a next time), but we did visit in and around the Opera House a few times.

We wanted to take in the views from different view points, a Googling for “best photography spots in Sydney” took us to “12 Best Photography Spots for Classical Sydney Skyline”. Having seen and heard about Luna Park, we decided to hop on a ferry to Milton’s Point. We had no inclination to go to Luna Park itself though.

The cool breeze from the bay was upon our face. It was a short ride from Darling Harbour. The huge smiling scary face of the Luna Park eclipsed us. Not giving it much of a look we took a stroll about the Harbour Bridge. When you walk under the bridge is when you really admire this engineering feat!

Harbour Bridge from Luna Park

We walked close to the bay, the water was calm with occasional splashes. There were many sitting with their cameras waiting for the sun to go down. There were plenty of houses/apartments close to the bay. “They must have gotten the best view of fireworks during New Years!” I observed, “Someday perhaps…” We took a long walk before we settled down at an empty spot.

Sydney Opera House, Harbour bridge and the downtown lights up

The day had been really hot, summer was in full swing. Sitting next to the bay, refreshed us. After bit of wandering, admiring and walking around, stomach growling took over and we took a long walk back to the train station.

Harbour Bridge from Luna Park
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