Sunset at Mokule’ia Beach

Sunset Slaughterhouse Beach Maui Hawaii
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We were flipping through Yelp! to find a beach close-by to go to in Maui, I saw Mokule’ia Beach, also known as the Slaughterhouse Beach. “That sounds wrong. Slaughterhouse Beach?!” So, that’s it, we decided to go. The name “slaughterhouse” according to Wikipedia, derives from the Honolua Ranch slaughterhouse and tanning/storage shed that were located on the cliff’s edge above the ocean.

It was a nice pleasant drive. We ended at a small parking lot shaded by trees, with just one car parked. There was no sight of the beach or any signs showing where to go. We saw narrow stairs leading to we didn’t know where. As we descended, we heard the waves crashing. The stairs, led us to a vast sand beach, with a rocky terrain on the left. There were two playing Frisbee, except for them, the beach was ours. We walked to the rocky side of the beach, the clouds turned red, a bit ominous for a beach named Slaughterhouse Beach. We sat on these rocks, just listening waves crashing these rocks tirelessly. As it started to get a bit dark, our stomachs rumbling, we made our way back.

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