Sunset at Kamaol Beach Park 2

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After a flight that seemed to take forever to reach Maui, we decided to check out the beaches of this small yet beautiful island of Hawaii. For some, Hawaii is synonymous with beautiful beaches. We had been to Oahu a long time ago and we were impressed by the beaches and the amazing sunsets and sunrises. That’s the other thing, the Hawaiian folks are spoilt with beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

We had done zero research on which beach to go for sunsets. We searched for the closest beach near us and packed up and left quickly as it was close to dawn. We ended up at Kamaol Beach Park 2. There are 3 beaches and we decided to go with the one in the middle, if this didn’t look good, we could always choose 1 or 3. That was the idea.

The beach was calm, wide and neat. We saw a few sitting on chairs, looking into the horizon waiting for the sun to set. Some were throwing a party near by. A few kids running about along the warm waters of the ocean. The sun was directly in front of us but a bit shy and behind the clouds was spitting out its rays. We stood close to the ocean watch the sun slide down. No picture or video or words can do justice to what happened before our eyes.

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