Nazca Lines

A little over 4 years ago when we were dating, Karthik said “I’m really fascinated by the mystery behind the Nazca Lines. I want to go see them someday”. Back then, I was not a big travel enthusiastic and didn’t know much about the Nazca lines. Nevertheless, I nonchalantly responded “OK” and Google searched for images of Nazca lines.

4.5 years later, we found ourselves landing in Lima, hopping on a bus to Nazca. The bus journey was gruesome, considering that we had to sit in the bus for 8 hours, immediately after a 12 hour flight journey.

Late in the evening, the bus reached the quaint town of Nazca, located in the middle of nowhere. The main street with shops, restaurants and markets spans just 3-4 blocks, so they were at a walkable distance from our hotel.

That’s the bus stop

After dropping off the bags at the hotel, we took a quick walk across the street to a café. A girl seated outside had a pink color drink in her hand; resembled a strawberry milkshake. It looked delicious, so we ordered one and a tres leches for dessert.

I don’t know what they added to the strawberry milkshake, but it was rich, decadent and nothing like I’ve had before. And the tres leches was fab too. By then, we were exhausted, sleepy and went back to the hotel to hit the hay.

The next morning was the exciting day; the day we were going to take the flight over Nazca lines. The flights over the Nazca lines are very small, accommodating only 2-3 passengers, so a wobbly journey was much expected. Being completely aware of that, we had a light, a really light breakfast.

Just before taking the flight over Nazca lines

After a short ride to the airport and a not-so-serious security check, our co-pilot led us to the flight and our pilot joined us soon. It turned out to be a private experience for us because it was just me, my husband, the pilot and the co-pilot in the flight.

Beautiful landscapes, on the way to Nazca lines
Nazca from above!

The wobbly flight journey initially put my husband in anxiety, but I was all cool. We put on the earphones and the flight took off from the runway. Gorgeous, vast landscapes caught our attention. After a few minutes, we saw the first Nazca figure, the whale. Then trapezoids, then more figures such as humming bird, dog, astronaut, etc.

Do you see the whale?
Hello… I’m the astronaut
Introducing the humming bird
Big spider
Want to see more pictures? Click here.

Half-way through the journey, I felt nauseous. Being extremely sensitive to motion, it wasn’t surprising. But it wasn’t fun either. We covered all the figures in about half an hour and descended our way back to the Nazca airport. Actually, there are many more figures, but unfortunately they are either destroyed or not clearly visible. I walked out of the flight, all tuckered out with hair all over my face.

We spent the next few hours walking around the town, buying souvenirs and eating lunch before taking the 12 hour bus journey to join our tour group in Arequipa.

Appetizers for lunch
Ceviche – Delicious!
Rice with Peruvian chicken

All in all, we spent close to 24 hours in the bus just to see the Nazca lines. But I’m glad we did it when we did it, especially after reading the news in December about Greenpeace trying to make a statement about climate change by actually causing damage to this ancient sacred place that has been and is still prudently preserved. Shame on Greenpeace!

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