Tour of the London Eye


As the train slowed down to stop at the London Waterloo station, the sight of a few capsules of the London Eye emerged into visibility. Loaded with excitement, we frantically peeked through the train windows to get a glimpse of this enormous structure that was originally built in 2000 to celebrate the millennium. It was supposed to be taken down in 2 years but eventually became a permanent structure right by River Thames, and is now one of the most iconic landmarks in London.

To avoid the sun glaring down on us, we booked a London eye tour at 6ish in the evening; so that there is just enough sunlight to enjoy the massive panoramic views of the beautiful London city. From a distance, the capsules look minuscule, and it looks like the observation wheel is stationary. But, each capsule is big enough to hold dozen people and it takes about 30 minutes to complete a full circle!

My heart was pounding with thrill as we stepped into one of the capsules. As the observation wheel slowly moved, it felt like we were flying effortlessly to get an aerial view. Within just a few seconds, we were already peeking down at all the popular London landmarks.

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LED displays at each end of the capsule educate one of the popular landmarks that one can see. My personal favorite is the view of the House of Parliaments and the world famous Big Ben. Other popular landmarks visible are the Shard Tower, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and so many more.

We were eagerly walking around from one end of the capsule to another to capture the beauty from all the facets. Finally, the capsule descended to the ground and we walked out all smiles. That was one of the most unique experiences of life and what can I say; it was well-worth it.

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