Strolling along the Thames…

Tower Bridge

I was super excited/sparkling with excitement to see one of London’s oldest and most popular landmarks, the Tower Bridge, commonly confused as the London Bridge. Actually, the London Bridge runs parallel to the Tower Bridge and is a quite boring one.

As we were walking closer to River Thames, my eyes veered off in all directions searching for the Tower Bridge. And there it stood; royally spanning across River Thames. The architecture of the two towers was splendid. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the bridge for a while.

Then we started walking by the river, towards the Tower Bridge. It was a beautiful walk; offering a perfect blend of medieval and contemporary architecture. There we see, medieval architectures of the London Bridge, the Tower of London. And at the same time see the contemporary skylines such as the Shard and several other buildings.

This neighborhood bubbled with life; a lot of people got together in a small common area to eat and to watch the Wimbledon on big screen TV.

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Dark clouds over the Tower Bridge

As is typical in London, the grey clouds paid a visit bringing some showers to give us company. Armed with an umbrella, we were at the ready! We returned here a little after sunset after a brief visit to Covent Garden and waited until the sky became darker and the lights appeared brighter. The Tower Bridge diffused a fairy-tale look of towers that I’ve seen in Disney movies.

We were so engrossed in admiring its beauty that we didn’t realize that it was very late in the night, so hurried back home.

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