Sunset at London Eye…

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Staines or Staines-upon-Thames is small town on River Thames. The rain started to pour for a while and there was no sign of its end. Staines was soaking wet. We were busy having lunch at my sisters after our long flight. Nadal was busy playing Wimbledon Open elsewhere and rain didn’t seem to care about his match either. The heavy downpour dwindled down to drizzles as we finished the finger-licking delicious homemade food. After a bit of relaxing, we dressed up to explore London for a few hours. The short train journey to Waterloo took us through lush green neighborhoods with the old looking houses. As the train came closer to London, the scenery changed. The lush green and brick houses were replaced with sky scrappers and modern looking buildings.

“I saw the capsules of the London Eye!” I was excited. I had seen and heard about the London Eye only on TV’s and magazines. For some odd reason, Tina Tuner’s “Golden Eye” song was playing in my head, I couldn’t silence it. We strolled about from Waterloo and came upon the Westminster Bridge (for the longest time, I thought it was West Minister). Throngs of people were walking about on the bridge talking in languages I couldn’t recognize. Some with their faces painted, forced the tourists to take pictures with them and asked for money. We fell victims to one them.
The Big Ben chimed behind us. A girl busy taking her selfie said “No” to a stranger who offered to take her picture. What good is a selfie if you do not take it yourself? Behind her was the River Thames upon which was standing 135 meters tall one of a kind Ferris Wheel.

I looked at my watch and asked Anu, “Is the London Eye closed for the day? It doesn’t look like it’s moving.” “Look very carefully” came the reply. I had to stare for a minute before I saw that it moving, very very slowly. “Impressive!” I quipped and we strolled as the sun set behind us.

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