Why I love British Columbia

Canadians are super sweet

People come first! Canadians are very amicable and courteous.

Most of the bus drivers always greet you with a smile when you get inside the bus. The first time we took the bus, we didn’t know they don’t accept dollar bills. We weren’t sure if we had enough coins. The bus driver smiled and said “It’s okay, come on in”. Luckily, we had the right amount of coins needed.

Another time, when we were in deep conversations and missed the bus stop and ask the driver if we would go back, he courteously said “Yeah, I’ll be going back actually” and he did let us know when we reached our stop.

I have even seen bus drivers happily letting people come in, when they say they don’t have the money to pay for the bus tickets.

There were times when we looked perplexed on the streets, mostly because we were searching for the bus stop or lost our way. We almost always had strangers volunteer and help us.

Likewise, when I was biking a downward rocky slope in Whistler, a passerby gave me some tips on carefully peddling on the slope and cheered “do it, you’ll be fine”

On a cold morning, when we were lugging our heavy bags on the streets, a bus stopped (just for us), and the driver asked “are you going to the ferry terminal”? We said “Yes”. “Hop on, I’ll drop you at the right bus stop”. We were taken aback by his courteousness.

Several times, I found myself telling my husband “What? Why are these people so nice?”


Yes, it’s not a new thing. I love food and travel. There is no shortage of restaurants, cuisines and coffee shops in British Columbia. From Japanese to Chinese to American to African, any cuisine that you could possible think of is in British Columbia.

My taste buds appreciate it more than I do!

These are my personal favorite eateries:

Guu with Garlic

Guilt and Co

Peaked Pies

Penang Delight Cafe

Lin Chinese Cuisine And Tea House


Irish Times Pub

Cow’s Whistler

Bella Gelateria

Terra Breads

Beaucoup Bakery & Café

Afternoon tea at Butchart Gardens

Public transit rocks!

Never had to rent a car, except when we had to drive to Whistler. There is public transit from Vancouver to Whistler, but we still rented a car just because we wanted to stop at several viewpoints during the drive from Vancouver to Whistler. And the Sea to Sky drive is gorgeous, by the way.

No tension of sitting in traffic, no stress of driving around for 30 minutes to find a parking spot.

British Columbia has the best of everything

Mountains? Bustling city life? Snow? Glaciers? Beaches? Meadows?

Everything is here, and that too just a stone’s throw away! Right in the middle of downtown is Stanley Park, where there are beautiful trails along the coast and beaches nearby. Just a couple of hours away from Vancouver is Whistler, a popular ski destination. Downtown Vancouver is full of life with its skyscrapers, restaurants, pubs and night clubs.

Stanley Park

Yes, Stanley Park is one of the reasons I love British Columbia. Nature in the middle of downtown! I love these kinds of parks. A great place to go hiking, biking, skating along the oceanfront with gorgeous views of Lions Bridge and Vancouver downtown!

Afternoon Tea

The royalty experience! Specialty tea served in fancy china with tiers of finger sandwiches, triffles, scones, jams, chantilly cream – Ah, bliss! Wish this was an everyday tradition these days as supposed to once in a blue moon experience.

There is myriad of places that offer afternoon tea, we enjoyed our experience at the Butchart Gardens after spending over three hours strolling around in the beautiful gardens.


Every nook and corner has cafes that offer plenty of seating area to leisurely enjoy your drink and pastries. Most of the cafes have free Wifi as well for people like me who are addicted to their cell phones.

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