Vancouver at Dusk…

Our Escapades - Vancouver Downtown Dusk BC Place Stadium
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Dark clouds enveloped and small showers threatened to spoil our short evening trip to the downtown in Vancouver. The drizzles disappeared as quickly as they had shown up. But the clouds decided to linger around as dusk approached. We were at Creekside Park, close to the Science World at TELUS, World of Science. We walked around the park just watching people. A few were jogging, some walking with their dogs and others were just relaxing looking at the calm False Creek passing through the heart of Vancouver.

“Maybe we’ll get a better view from one of those apartments up there” I said pointing to a few tall rise buildings opposite to the park. There was no way of getting in, even if we could, where would we go?

It was getting dark. We strolled about aimlessly. We ended up standing close to the fence that separated us from the creek. Cool breeze blowing in off of the creek. It was chilly but it was one of those good chilly breeze that just gets your hair up but not make you shiver to the bone. We were looking at the last light of the day from the sun as it was struggling to seep through the thick dark clouds. This was when the Vancouver downtown came to life. City lights started to pop up randomly contrasting the dark menacing clouds. BC place, bright and red, eclipsed everything else around and stole the spotlight. The Science World globe started shining. The entire downtown just lit up within matter of minutes. No stars in sight but it was a sight to behold nevertheless. We wrapped up our day. “Amazing huh?” I put it eloquently as we were heading back to our hotel.

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