A Page from Natures Book…

“Page? Is that the name of a place? Really?!”. Who knew the city with a weird name hid some of the best works of nature. And the weather report said “Thunderstorms and rain next day, all day.”

We got up early the next morning. I was dreaming heavy downpours. I peeked out and saw no signs of any rain but the trees with hunch signaled a windy-weather. Sleepily we drove to the famous Horseshoe bend, there were few people hiking. I’d take these harsh winds to rains any day.

A bit scared (it’s a 1000 foot drop of no return), we stood a little farther away from the rim of the cliff to see the horseshoe bend. The heavy winds didn’t help much. We could neither see the horseshoe nor the Colorado river curving around it. So brave Anu crawled to the tip of the rim and was wow’ed by the view.

Anu crawled for a good look, so I had to crawl. With my camera firmly hung over my shoulder, I braved and crawled to the edge. It was surely quite a view, I took a few pictures and being scared to the pants, I crawled my way back. There were others who copied us.

There were few drizzles but nothing crazy like what the weather report said. But the scary dark clouds wouldn’t budge. The drive to the Upper Antelope Canyon was a bit bumpy but nothing that would churn your stomach upside down.

These Antelope Canyons are some work of nature. Once inside, turn left, right or up (not much to see down), one would see amazing colors, shapes and figures carved out in a surreal flow.

The best part (and a major selling point) of the Upper Antelope Canyon is the sunlight that beams and bounces off of these canyon walls. You do not necessarily need the expensive photography tour to get a good view.

After our quick and rushed trip to the Upper Antelope canyon, we weren’t sure what to expect from the Lower Antelope Canyon. “Its gonna look the same!” but our Guide promised us something amazing.

Longer (and cheaper) than upper antelope canyon, there is lot more to awe and gawk at in the lower antelope canyon. Some of these amazing formations can only be seen if you sit down and peek through the corners (the tour guides know best), this rose is one of them.

You can let your mind play and conjure up your own images. “The lady in the wind,” I called it (so did the tour guide, sigh!), someone in our tour thought it looked like the Sphinx.

After a long day, we took the “Scenic route” in the only major highway in that city. Sat at the Glen Canyon, looking at the Colorado River and the vast Canyons…

Short drive a little away from the city, brought us to the Wahweap viewpoint. It was almost dinner time, we wound up our day at “Bonkers” (an Italian Restaurant) for a good dinner that was no where close to “Bonkers”.


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