Zip lining through Monteverde Cloud Forest

No no no, this was certainly not my first time zip lining, but I still had jitters in my stomach because of acrophobia. While researching on zip lining in Arenal and Monteverde, the one through the Selvatura Park in Monteverde came out as highly recommended by fellow travelers; so we booked the same.

When we reached the Visitor Center in Selvatura Park, a 5 minutes ride via the mini bus took us to the place where we would start zip lining. After shelling out safety instructions, we started the zip lining tour. The first platform was fairly short to get warmed up and get comfortable. A few others were pretty long and we felt like a bird gliding through the canopy. The last platform was the longest and it was pretty high overlooking the canopy.

The tarzan swing is unique about the Selvatura Park. It is optional and we looked at some of the Youtube videos ahead of our trip. It looked fun and we certainly wanted to do it. But at that point of time, when I was holding the ropes just before the tarzan swing, I was utterly terrified. I wanted to back out just a second after I jumped from the platform, but obviously that was too late. I screamed the place down during my tarzan swing, but at the end I was glad I did it.

In a nutshell, we had a hell of a time during the zip lining tour. Highly Recommended!

Beautiful flowers near the Visitor Center
Beautiful flowers near the Visitor Center
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