Manuel Antonio National Park

2013 New Years eve was when we went to the Manuel Antonio National Park. We shopped for some snacks at the grocery store right opposite to our hotel and took the public bus to the national park. Though we reached 10 minutes after the park opened, there was a long line to buy the tickets to enter the park. Even a 30 minutes later time would have translated to a few hours of waiting in line.

The weather was unbelievably scorching. We were sweating like pigs and consciously drank lots of water to keep ourselves hydrated.

The trails were pretty crowded with large groups of tourists. We spotted several birds, animals and camouflaged lizards along the way. After trying to spot tiny birds perched on tall trees using my binoculars, I ended up with a pain in the neck and gave up. A few deer were fearlessly grazing on the trail, while a number of visitors walked over to take close-up pictures of them. The deer wouldn’t flinch, seems like they were used to the crowd in the park.

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Playa Puerto Escondido and Playa Gemelas were closed when we visited the park. The Playa Manuel Antonio was open. Water was clear and bright and a number of people were enjoying their time in the beautiful waters.

Playa Manuel Antonio

We were really not in the mood to get ourselves wet, so we just relaxed by sitting on one of the fallen tree branches. And there were sloths and monkeys to entertain us. Their gimmicks were fun to watch!

From here, we walked to the Espadilla Sur Beach, relatively quieter than the Playa Manuel Antonio Beach. Again, simply relaxed on the beach sands and started walking to the Espadilla Norte Beach. On the way, we saw ugly ugly iguanas on the trees and bushes nearby.

The Espadilla Norte Beach was actually beautiful; very lively with a long strip of beach sands. The sand was so hot that I almost burned my feet while walking on the sands. You might ask, why I didn’t put on my shoes. Well, there was small stretch of water that one needs to cross and I had taken off my shoes, so that they don’t get wet.

Playa Espadilla Norte

Hadn’t it been so hot and humid, I would have loved to spend more time at the beach. But it was so sultry that all I wanted to do was to lie down in the bed with AC turned on and that’s exactly what we did afterwards!

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