Venezia – Day 10

This was our last day of our much awaited Italian vacation in 2013!

As soon as we arrived in Venezia, we purchased an unlimited one-day ticket for the water taxi. We planned to take the water taxi to Murano and around the Grand Canal. After waiting in a long line, we boarded the water taxi to Murano, a small island in the Venetian Lagoon prevalently popular for glass making.

The short 15 minutes ride to Murano was quite enjoyable! As the water taxi stepped away from the crowded Grand Canal and entered the Venetian Lagoon, we looked behind to feast our eyes on beautiful Venice.

On a water taxi to Murano

When we got off at Murano, we went straight to see the live glass making demonstration. The admission fee is 5 EUROS/person. During the 10 minutes demonstration, the glassblowers made exotic figures such as horses, flower vases and lamps, leaving the audience in wonderment. The whole process of glassblowing is mind-blowing, and I couldn’t help but think how wildly creative the glassblowers are!

At the end of the live demo, they destroyed the colored glass figurines. What a pity!

We went to a store nearby that was selling a surfeit of glass figurines. Each and every figurine was so beautiful, so vibrant, so unique and so fascinating. It was a definite treat to our eyes. Some of the figurines had such complex patterns that it leaves you wondering how they could possibly be made by hand. Most of the shops in Murano sell glass figures. Ideal for window shopping because they cost an arm and a leg.

We then aimlessly meandered in Murano for a while. The coastal views are stunning with Venice and several other small islands scattered in the lagoon.

By then we were ravenous and we boarded the water taxi to go back to Venice to grab a bite to eat. However, before heading back to Venice, we toured the Grand Canal on the water taxi.

Grand Canal

After lunch, we spent the next couple of hours in Piazza San Marco entertaining ourselves with the pigeons. I stretch my hands out, waiting for the pigeons to fly and sit on my hands. A number of pigeons sat on my hands, head and shoulders. However, at one point of time I was waiting for a while and no pigeon would come close to me. A young boy out of nowhere saw me and he placed some pigeon food on my hands and said “Now they’ll come to you”. In a jiffy, a number of pigeons landed on my palm and finished up the food. I was actually moved by his act and thanked him.

Entertainment with the pigeons at Piazza san Marco

While sitting down on the stairs by the Square, a bunch of elderly Indian people who had come on a 2-week European tour initiated a conversation with us and it so happened they were from my native state. They highly recommended that we visit Switzerland the next time around. After bidding them goodbye after a brief chat, we wanted to go on the gondola.

While watching other gondolas, we noticed the gondoliers smoking while steering the gondolas. I was a bit annoyed seeing that and we went about enquiring the prices. One of the gondoliers said it was 80 EUROS for 500 meters. Yes, you read that correct. Then I turned to my husband and said “Hey, if you really need to go on the gondola, I’ll go with you, but I’m not interested. 80 EUROS for 500 meters in preposterous”. He said “Ok, perfetto! Let’s not go then”. I know a lot of people think we are crazy that we went all the way to Venice and didn’t go on the gondola ride. To this day, I couldn’t give a hoot. The gondola ride didn’t look romantic at all and it is nothing but a classic tourist trap.

A gondola in the Grand Canal
Grand Canal

It was getting dark and time to go back to the hotel. On the way back to the Venezia train station, we stopped at a restaurant for some pasta, risotto and pastry. We were flying back to San Francisco the next morning. That means, it was the end of the much awaited Italian vacation in 2013 and it was time to go back to the grind. After dinner, we quietly sat by the Grand Canal for a long time, taking the time to grasp each and every memory in bella Italia and holding them close to our hearts.

View from the Venezia train station

Venezia Train Station
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