Postcards from Venice

Venice Girl book pigeon St Mark Square
One just can’t miss the pigeons when visiting St.Mark Square. This pigeon was really curious to know what Anu was what up to.
St.Mark Square Venice
St. Mark’s Basilica is one of the most-visited sights in Venice and the tall red-bricked campanile (bell and clock tower) in the square stands out. Though it dates back to the 9th century, this tower was rebuilt, as recently as 1903 after it collapsed.
St.Mark Square Anu Pigeons
There are lots of pigeons at the St.Mark Square and they apparently cause lots of trouble (like damage the delicate mosaics on St. Mark’s Basilica). You are not allowed to feed them, but just extend your arm and stand for a few minutes, you’ll see a few fly on to you.
Venetian mask
Venice is narrow labyrinth of shops, restaurants and lot more shops. And plenty of shops sell masks, ranging from a euro to several hundreds of euros. Apparently wearing of these masks date back to Medieval times (12th and 13th centuries). Masks were worn to disguise the wearer from any number of illicit activities: gambling, dancing, clandestine affairs or even political assignation (reminds me of V for Vendetta). Of course, Catholic church was not happy about it and restricted wearing them except for the week-long celebration of the Carnival.
Venice, near st.mark square
The weather on our first day in Venice was a bit overcast, hence many the pictures turned out to be gray and just bland. So I tried shooting in sepia and that gave the pictures a bit more character.
Venice bridge artist
There is a lot to admire in Venice. Some, get inspired too.
Venice bridge sunsetVenice is crowded, colorful, expensive and beautiful, but certainly not romantic.
View from Rialto Bridge Venice
It’s quite sad that this beautiful city is now more of a commercial hub (with ads on every landmark) than a getaway for romantics or honeymooners. View from Rialto Bridge.
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