Milan – Day 8

On our eighth day in Italia, we bid Ciao to Firenze and took the train to Venezia. However, we decided to make a pit stop at Milan. Who could leave Italia without seeing the magnificent duomo of Milan?

The weather was overcast when we boarded the train from Firenze, luckily it started pouring heavily only after we got into the train. And oh, the public transportation in Italia is definitely something to admire and appreciate. I did enjoy driving once upon a time, until I came to US and realized I am actually spending half my life behind the wheels.

Treno per Milan

Anyway, I was down with a bad cold and my eyes drooped the moment I sat inside the treno. I only hoped the rain would stop when we reach Milan. Unfortunately, it didn’t. And worse, it was much colder in Milan.

We immediately put on our jackets and took the local train from Milan Centrale to the duomo of Milan. When we got out of the station, the most breathtaking view stood right in front of us – The Duomo of Milan. I have seen it in the pictures umpteen times and couldn’t believe I was actually right there, standing in front of this duomo. Marvelous is an understatement.

Duomo of Milian
Piazza del Duomo
Piazza del Duomo

We went inside the duomo and spent some time wandering there. One needs to pay to take pictures inside the duomo. The beautiful statues, art work, sculptures were all very impressive. We wanted to climb to the top of the duomo, but didn’t do so because of the rains.

By then, it was way past noon and we stopped briefly for lunch. The rains had stopped and the skies were clearing up. We ambled through the streets of Milan for the next hour or so. Milan definitely is a lot more commercial (of course it has to be, being the fashion capital of the world) with contemporary coffee shops and skyscrapers.

Gnocchi for lunch
Aimlessly strolling through the streets of Milan
Aimlessly strolling through the streets of Milan

Our next stop was at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world’s oldest shopping malls, next to the duomo of Milan. God, is it really a shopping mall? For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why a shopping mall would look so grandiose! I just wish I had enough time to go around and inside each and every shop.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

At one corner of the mall is the mosaic image of a bull. Locals believe that standing on its testicles and spinning around it brings good luck and no, I am not kidding! There was a line to do that and I waited in the line 😉 For sure, it doesn’t bring any luck to the bull.

Spinning on the bull’s testicles

It was starting to get dark and that meant, it was time to leave to Venezia. We boarded the train, discussing that we should spend more time in Milan the next time we visit Italia. At the same time, we were really excited to visit Venezia, one of the most romantic European cities.

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