Tour of Windsor Castle-Bath-Stonehenge

Tour of Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge

“12 means 12″ the tour guide said. “But we were only few minutes late.” “12 means 12″ he said again. He was trying to tell us why the tour bus left us stranded in Windsor, not once, but twice! Quite a tour!

Our Escapades - London Eye Tour - Featured Image

Tour of the London Eye

London is a lot of things. People, food, red telephone booths, tubes, Big Ben etc. Standing amongst the old, London Eye is the newest iconic structure that defines London! Going up in the London Eye Capsule, we felt we were at the top of the world! Sight to behold.

Our Escapades - Tower Bridge Thames River London - Featured Image

Strolling along the Thames…

I was super excited/sparkling with excitement to see one of London’s oldest and most popular landmarks, the Tower Bridge!

Our Escapades - Sutros Bath Sunset

Sunset at Sutros Bath

Sutro’s bath, once upon a time privately owned swimming pool are now nothing but ruins.