Landing on the Useful Island

We kicked off our New Years with a landing to Useful Island, an amazing island situated in the middle of the Gerlache Strait off the coast of Graham Land. Intense hike, plenty of penguins and amazing view, what more could we ask ­čÖé

Jougla Point and Port Lockroy

Pre New-Years eve celebrations kicked off with our fabulous journey across Peltier Channel and visiting Jougla Point filled with penguins and their young ones and Port Lockroy.

The Magical Peltier Channel

Peltier Channel is a channel 6 nautical miles (11 km) long, in a NE-SW direction, seems like its filled with pure white milk. Just magical!

Hiking at Orne Harbor

Orne Harbor was our first Antarctic Continental landing. We hiked up, huffing and puffing, the view from top was all worth the hike up! We saw plenty of Chinstrap Penguins doing the same hike but they do this everyday!

Cruising around Cierva Cove & Spert Island

Our first zodiac cruise in Antarctica was a bit of disappointment but we got to see some amazing wildlife, towering icebergs and amazing scenes nature has ever brought to life. We nevertheless ended it with an amazing cruise around the Spert Island.

Mikkelsen Harbor – A snowy bliss

The white snowy Mikkelsen Harbor kicked off our second day in Antarctica. Teeming with penguins and various other wildlife, it was a visual delight.

Yankee Harbor – Our step on Antarctica

We kicked off our expedition in Antarctica a little early (thanks to calmer Drake Passage) by landing in Yankee Harbor. A rocky harbor, home to scores of penguins and seals, our first foot in Antarctica couldn’t be any better! Woot!


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