Our Escapades - Vancouver Featured Image-2

In and around Vancouver

A city unlike any other, reminds me of Seattle and San Francisco, ethnically diverse, surrounded by water and mountains, mild climate and energetic vibe with friendly people are some of things that make Vancouver an attractive city to visit!

Our Escapades - Stanley Park - Featured Image

Why I love British Columbia

Canada, O Canada! Land of many sweet friendly folks, amazing and colorful scenery treat to the eyes, food to the taste buds, a complete sensory overload!

Our Escapades - Victoria - Featured Image

Vibrant Victoria

Located on the southern tip of the Vancouver Island is the quaint island of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Colorful year round, this “City of Gardens” is vibrant and a must see for anyone visiting the western part of Canada.

Our Escapades - London Eye Sunset

Sunset at London Eye…

Throngs of people were walking about on the bridge talking in languages I couldn’t recognize. Behind us was the River Thames upon which was standing 135 meters tall one of a kind Ferris Wheel.

Our Escapades - Biking in Whistler - Featured Image

Biking in Whistler

On a lazy Sunday morning, after a decent breakfast, we explored Whistler leisurely in our rented bikes. Creeks, lakes, lush greenery, snow-clad mountains making up part of our ride, this day turned out to be nothing short of absolutely fabulous.