Our Escapades - Tower Bridge Thames River London - Featured Image

Strolling along the Thames…

I was super excited/sparkling with excitement to see one of London’s oldest and most popular landmarks, the Tower Bridge!

Our Escapades - Sutros Bath Sunset

Sunset at Sutros Bath

Sutro’s bath, once upon a time privately owned swimming pool are now nothing but ruins.

Our Escapades - Fleet Week San Francisco Featured

Fleet Week in San Francisco

Want to see flights zipping through the blue sky at super sonic speeds behind the Golden Gate and Alcatraz, then Fleet Week is for you!

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe Sunset - CC

Sunset at Emerald Bay…

As the sun set behind the mountains, it beamed brilliant colors at the end of the day, that lit up the sky to give an amazing show down of Emerald Bay…

Our Escapades - Sand Harbor - Featured

My favorite beach in Lake Tahoe

Turquoise blue waters, calm and serene beach, warm yet a bit cold (perfect) weather and the entire beach just to ourselves, that’s what awaited us at the Sand Harbor Beach!