Our Escapades - Sydney Opera House Harbour Bridge - Featured Image

Sydney Skyline…

Sydney offers plenty of things, amazing fireworks, delicious food, pleasant weather (during Spring and early summer) and some of the best skylines in the world.

Our Escapades - Cairns - Featured Image-2

Quaint Cairns and Magical Great Barrier Reef

Before traveling to Australia, I was so excited that I’d search for Google Images of the Great Barrier Reef literally every day, until I actually landed in Cairns. I couldn’t believe myself until our ferry docked in the Great Barrier Reef and we jumped into the ocean. A whimsical and out of the world experience!

Our Escapades - Mrs Macquaries Chair - Featured Image

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

“Whose chair?” that was my husbands reaction when I said we should go to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. One of the best places to see (and photograph) the Opera House, the Harbour bridge and Sydney Downtown, day or night!

Our Escapades - Sunrise from Haleakala Volcano - Featured Image-2

Sunrise from Haleakala Volcano

We woke up at in the wee hours of the morning, yawning and all sleepy we started from the hotel at 4ish am to drive to the summit of Haleakala to watch the hyped up Sunrise. Did it live up it’s hype?!

Our Escapades - Maxx Laughing

Maxx vs April Fools Day!

My parents and everyone else thinks I am a nice puppy 😉 Happy April 1st Folks! (I have no idea what that …