Our Escapades - San Antonio - Featured Image

A fun day in San Antonio

Home of the Spurs, the site of The Alamo and one of the fastest growing cities in the US, is a popular tourist destination. On a nice (hot) day, be sure to load up on some cool liquids, explore the history or take a cool walk along the Riverwalk…

Our Escapades - Austin Featured Image

Keeping Austin Weird

People, flavorful and hot-spicy food, hot weather, wide green parks, boats and kayak filled lakes, millions of bats (yes you heard it right, millions of bats) are a few things that make Austin a one of kind place to see

Sun setting behind the Big Ben

Sunset behind Big Ben…

It was a chilly and cloudy day. Rain had sprinkled all afternoon. Rain was no where to be seen as the sun was setting behind the Big Ben…

Our Escapades - Vancouver Featured Image-2

In and around Vancouver

A city unlike any other, reminds me of Seattle and San Francisco, ethnically diverse, surrounded by water and mountains, mild climate and energetic vibe with friendly people are some of things that make Vancouver an attractive city to visit!

Our Escapades - Stanley Park - Featured Image

Why I love British Columbia

Canada, O Canada! Land of many sweet friendly folks, amazing and colorful scenery treat to the eyes, food to the taste buds, a complete sensory overload!