Our Escapades - Cairns Kuranda Village - Featured Image (2)

Kuranda, a dainty village in the rainforests of Australia

After reaching Cairns in Australia, we realized we had one full day with nothing planned. While scouring for things to do around, we stumbled upon Kuranda, a beautiful village in the rainforests. In a whim, we decided to take a day-trip. Gondola, scenic railway journey, and the Kuranda Village itself, all turned out to be a fabulous experience.

Sunset Slaughterhouse Beach Maui Hawaii

Sunset at Mokule’ia Beach

We were flipping through Yelp! to find a beach close-by to go to in Maui, I saw Mokule’ia Beach, also known as the Slaughterhouse Beach. “That sounds wrong. Slaughterhouse Beach?!” So, that’s it, we decided to go.

Dusk at Kamaol Beach Park 2

Dusk at Kamaol Beach Park 2

A little after the wonderful sunset, we took a short walk around this beautiful beach as the dusk started to settle in bringing out some wonderful hues of orange and red.

Salt Mines in Maras Peru

Salt Mines of Peru

“Salt mines?!” That was our first reaction when we heard we were going to see the Salt mines. We were sort of expecting a walk through cave with salt on it’s walls. There are only two major salt mines in the world, one is in Peru and another in Turkey.

Our Escapades - Kamaol Beach Park 2 Sunset

Sunset at Kamaol Beach Park 2

The sun was directly in front of us but a bit shy and behind the clouds was spitting out its rays. We stood close to the ocean watch the sun slide down. No picture or video or words can do justice to what happened before our eyes.